Get the Google Maps rankings you have been waiting for. ProxiBooster has the tools needed to get you rankings no matter where your customers are searching from. Proximity is no longer an issue. We get you more traffic by pushing your business visibility farther out.

How It Works
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How It Works

We are able to expand your proximity of your Google My Business location. We target specific users in a given geographic area based on the zip codes you are wanting to have presence in. All of the traffic is coming from real users in the area looking for your type of business. We show real live and trackable results. You can see results in as little as 3 weeks. You will notice spikes in traffic to your GMB by looking at your insights.

Why Do you need this service?

Google now tells you that proximity is a ranking signal; meaning, listing results are shown based on a user's physical location. There are only 2 ways to expand your search.

1. Get Additional Locations

2. Expand Your Proximity Visibility

ProxiBooster is able to target specific areas that you choose within a 10 mile radius. That could be 1 zip code or several zip codes.

Before Using ProxiBooster

After Using ProxiBooster

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$375 - $575 per Campaign

Day 1 Dec 27

Day 2 Dec 28

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Day 9 Jan 4

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